FAQ by miles


FAQ by miles


(no one really asked these questions but we predict these are frequently asked in people's heads)

Q: What is Lecture and a Film?

A: LaaF is a time to hear a lecture and see a film. It started as a viewing party for the movie Hairspray. After suffering through one too many of Miles' rants about James Marsden, Julie thought it would be fun for me to give a lecture. To everyone's surprise, the event was a hit. We now hope to meet regularly where we can enjoy other lectures and films.

Q: So that's it? You get together, eat, hear a lecture, and watch a movie?

A: Yes, in a nutshell, that's a very good summary.

Q: Will I have fun?

A: We hope so, but we can't make any promises, as many factors influence your experience of LaaF, including, but not limited to: your appreciation of food, presentations, and movies, as well as your social skills, internal conflicts, external drama, price of gas, and other factors outside of our control.

Q: This sounds awesome! How do I get on the list?

A: It is awesome. Click HERE to sign up to receive evites or send an email to Ji, Julie or Miles.

Q: I don't know Ji, Julie or Miles. I'm a random person surfing the Internet, but this sounds awesome. Can I join too?

A: Sorry random person, at this point LaaF is limited to friends and friends of friends. You can send us an email, but you probably won't be added to the evite list. I do recommend starting your own LaaF, and if you do, please let us know about it! We'd love to hear your LaaF stories.

Q: Wait, how is this different from taking a film class at the local junior college?

A: It's WAY different! Film class can be boring and cover obligatory historic/political/artistic influences on obscure movies you aren't interested in. LaaF features speakers who are passionate about the topics they choose. Movies are always one of the speaker's favorite movies. Plus, there's dinner.

Q: I don't like whatever-we-are-having-that-day-for-dinner. Can I eat something else?

A: Yes, but you're on your own. But I must say, the food at LaaF is excellent. If you do choose to eat your own food, you're missing out. Plus, it's kinda rude to turn down food that's offered to you.

Q: Can I come just to watch the movie? I don't want to hear someone present.

A: You suck, but that's fine. Come an hour after the scheduled start time.

Q: Should I bring something?

A: Come with a good appetite, an eagerness to learn, and an open mind to see a movie you may not chose to see yourself. Anything else is optional.

Q: I feel guilty for eating Ji's delicious cooking for free.

A: We applaud your guilty conscience although there is grace and redemption readily available. Since we are grad students/post-docs and not ballers, a $2 (or whatever... 3? 5?) donation to help cover the cost of dinner would be appreciated. Especially if you eat a lot. In short, a buck won't suck.

Q: Can I invite my friends?

A: Absolutely! As long as your friends aren't creepy, they are more than welcome to join us.

Q: What's up with the topics for events?

A: The featured speaker is allowed to select nearly any topic for the presentation. The only restriction is that it must be semi-related to the movie he or she selects. A presentation may highlight the career of an individual in cinema or tackle problems of social justice. Anything goes.

Q: When is the next LaaF event?

A: The first talk in the Archives section is typically the next LaaF event. There are plans for a calendar section to post events in the distant future (meaning more than one month away).

Q: I want to present! Can I sign up? Are there any restrictions?

A: Yes! Contact Ji, Julie or Miles with your interesting presentation topic and movie selection, and we'll add you to our list of speakers. The topic has to be something that you're excited to talk about. The movie has to be one of you favorite movies, and should not be overly inappropriate. R rated films are allowed but should not be wantonly crude, violent or sexual.

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