David Kitani & Friends presents LaaF34... Bollywood -- IMPROV!


David Kitani & Friends presents LaaF34...

Bollywood -- IMPROV!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


ABSTRACT: Bollywood films cater to one of the largest movie-going populations in the world yet many still conjure up an image of the poor man's Hollywood.  David Kitani will bring us his passionate defense of Bollywood, the industry, the majesty, the dancing and the drama!  The film will be "Rab Ni Bana De Jodi (2008)" translated as "A Match Made by God" starring the endearing (and ubiquitous -- at least in Bollywood) Shahrukh Khan.  Some (Jez, Philo, DKhim) may have been scarred by Bollywood's classic/traumatic Sholay with its interminable flashbacks and incomprehensible timeline.  This lecture is an attempt to bring Bollywood the respect it deserves (or at least get ya'll to dance). Mrs. Kitani will instruct attendees on how to perform a charming choreographed Bollywood dance number.  Get stretched and ready to dance!

SPEAKER BIO: Having been born in California to Japanese parents, it makes perfect sense as to why David Kitani would love Bollywood and all things Indian.  If left to his wife, their (unconcieved) children would be named Rajeev and Prita.  There is something about the Bollywood sensibility that strikes a chord in the way David lives and loves.  There's no one better to stand up and dance on behalf of Bollywood.  [Because David Kitani felt ill, this lecture was performed as an improv lecture by the audience in attendance.]

Film: Rab Ni Bana De Jodi (2008)

Food: "Indian"

When: Sunday, March 27

Where: Lisa's macabre condo





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