Matt Nakamura presents LaaF6... From Page Count to Screen Time: Adapting the Short Story


Matt Nakamura presents LaaF6...

From Page Count to Screen Time: Adapting the Short Story

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Matt's musings on the process of LaaF film selection (on Jez's facebook wall):

There are a whole bunch of choices that I'm just starting to narrow down. so who knows? It could be anything. 'The Killers' or 'The Swimmer' are what I'm thinking about right now, but people may be in the mood for more recent fare. Of course, if I can get a bootleg of 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' (chi-WOW-wah) then the decision is practically made for me.

ABSTRACT: Chances are that many of YOUR favorite movies have been adapted from another medium. Perhaps a novel. Or a video game. Maybe a magazine article. Or even a short story! Join me as I go through the process of turning a 20 page story into a 100 page screenplay into a 90 minute movie. What must be added to the story? What must be taken away? What works in prose that doesn't work in film and vice versa?


The story does not need to be read to fully understand the lecture but it might give you, the audience, a little extra insight. For those that don't read it before hand, never fear! Reader's theater will go through the story in a one-time-dinner-time performance.

SPEAKER BIO: Matt Nakamura is an up and coming creative genius who strives to revere Walt Disney and poop on those who revere Oprah Winfrey. He can be found burning the O magazine while sketching, playing drums, and trying to make out with his awesome girlfriend Lisa Liu (results of his attempts featured in pictures above). Matt is fearless, ferocious, and as Tyra Banks (aka young-Oprah) would say -- "fierce." Work it Matt.

Film: The Swimmer (1968)

Food: From Korean-America to Eastern Japan:

An adaptation of Niku Jaga

When: Sunday, October 26, 2008, 6pm

Where: Ji & Jinna's apt





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