Wedding Party


Best Man

Maid of Honor

Annie Tao

Annie and Lisa have been friends for longer than they've not been

friends. They share a passion for gourmet food, traveling, fashion, film, art, clinical psychology, and all things “high-fun!” Lisa would like to take this opportunity to thank Annie for being a best friend, coworker, schoolmate, travel buddy, roommate, and sister. They have been fortunate enough to only grow closer through the years, and eagerly anticipate the deaths of their spouses so they can at last be roommates once more.

Scott Bartak

Scott and Matt met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since. As children they loved comedy movies, Conan O’Brien, video games, and making fun of people in order to boost their own self esteem. Their tastes have evolved very little since. Matt would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Scott for eating so many of his novelty banana candies from Australia that he only gets delivered every so often but they’re so good, what else is he supposed to do?