For Daycares/Preschools



For Daycares/Preschools

At the CSULA Learning Lab, we have been designing activities and toys to help children learn about patterns with shapes, colors, and numbers because pattern learning is important to early math and concept learning. Some of our current games have been designed to help children learn about color or new vocabulary words. We're looking for daycares and preschools in the East Los Angeles area where we can bring our activities and examine whether they actually help children learn new ideas. We are looking for children approximately 2-5 years old to participate (24-66 months).

In many of our studies, a research assistant will sit with a child in a quiet corner of your facility. The child will be shown our specially designed toys, flashcards, and activities. The child may be asked questions about the objects or be allowed to freely play with the objects. The entire session lasts about 20-30 minutes. Most of our activities are presented as a game and most children enjoy this activity. Prior to any testing, we will ask for parents to return consent forms and for the child’s verbal agreement that he or she wishes to participate.

We hope that the children at your center will be interested in helping us test our activities. To make it easier for children to pay attention to our activity, please allow us to occupy an isolated corner/spot in your facility. These sessions may be recorded with a small digital camera. These videos will be used only for research purposes only and will be stored in a locked laboratory at CSULA. The length of our visits will vary according to the number of children that will participate.

If you are interested being involved with the Learning Lab, please email Dr. Son ( or call us at (323) 343-2261. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the Learning Lab. Childcare professionals contribute tremendously to our understanding of how children develop and learn so we want to thank you for that.