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The Jazz Studies faculty are
passionately committed to providing all the knowledge,
skill, and performing experience necessary for the
student to successfully enter the world of professional
jazz opportunities in the Southland and beyond, whether
as performers, recording artists, or educators. Each
member of the faculty is a practicing professional who
is highly qualified to prepare students for a successful

In addition to the professional
jazz faculty, the Jazz Studies program achieves a
notable synergy with the prestigious Luckman Jazz
Orchestra. Cal State LA's jazz studies students will
have opportunities to interact in small master classes
with the 17 stellar members of this orchestra, one of
the countries finest musical organizations. The
Orchestra's Benny Maupin recently gave jazz students a
very informative master class. In addition, past master
classes have also involved such notable jazz musicians
as saxophonist Jeff Clayton (of the Clayton-Hamilton
Orchestra), who showed students how the "greats became


Jose Arellano, Trombone, Arranging

David Askren, Guitar, Jazz Combos

Victor Barrientos, Drumset

Steven Clothier, Jazz Combos

Paul De Castro, Piano

Geoff Dunbar, Drumset

Tim Emmons, Bass

James Ford, Jazz Area Coordinator, Trumpet

Gary Fukushima, Piano, Jazz Harmony

Peter Hata, Jazz History, Jazz Combos

Cathy Segal-Garcia, Vocals, Jazz Combos

Walter Smith,
Improvisation, Jazz Combos