Winter 2003 CIS 283 Introduction To Application Programming

Course Lecture Notes and Schedule

will post the contents (pdf files and codes after the class starts)


 Chapter Topic

Contents / Lab Exercise

Lecture  1

June 29th (Wed)


Introduction to MapReduce

·        Overview of cloud computing

·        Overview of MapReduce and the distributed file system

Lecture  2

July 6th (Wed)


Introduction to Hadoop and Hadoop File Systems

·        HDFS

·        Writing, running, debugging Hadoop programs

·        Hadoop behind the scenes

Lecture 3

July 11th (Mon)

 MapReduce: the programming environment

·       Install Hadoop 0.20.0 (or 0.21.1) a Single/stand-alone Server

·       Hadoop code on Eclipse

·       run WordCount (or HelloWorld)

Lecture 4

July 13th (Wed)


 Hadoop Coding: WordCount v1.0 and v2.0

·       Exercise: WordCount v1.0 and v2.0

Lecture 5

July 25th (Mon)

 Hadoop Coding: Weather and BigGramCount

·       Exercise: Weather, BigGramCount


Lecture 6

July 27th (Wed)


 Hadoop Coding: Market Basket Analysis (MBA)

 Exercise: MBA

Lecture 7

Aug 1st (Mon)

 - Column Oriented DB and HBase

·        Relational databases vs. MapReduce

·        MapReduce algorithms for processing relational data on column-based HBase

·        Exercise: HBase Install

Lecture 8

Aug 3rd (Wed)


 - HBase Example:  MBA


·        MapReduce algorithms for Market Basket Analysis for processing relational data

·        Exercise: HBase example with Hadoop MBA code