Sample Scholarship Letter

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Scholarship Sample Letter

Ann Wood, Director
Contact us: (323) 343-6156 or email


Ms. Pablo Gonzalez

6294 First Street

Los Angeles, CA 92003

January 15, 2008


Ms. Margaret Conner, Foundation Grants Contact

The We Care Foundation

1123 Forest Street

Los Angeles, CA 920032

Dear Ms. Conner:

I am writing to apply for a $5,000 scholarships sponsored by the We Care Foundation.  I will use this scholarship to attend California State University, Los Angeles and complete my bachelor's degree in Urban Studies and my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in this blended undergraduate and teaching credential program.  I meet the Foundation's eligibility requirements by being a California resident and a Latino man who wants to become an elementary school educator. 

Given my following qualifications, I think that I am uniquely qualified as a candidate for this distinguished scholarship.

  • I am financially paying for my own undergraduate education by working as a bank teller. 
  • I am married, raising two children and working and attending CSULA full-time.
  • My professional goal is to become an elementary teacher in the Los Angeles area.  Since I am an immigrant from Costa Rica and bilingual, I believe that I will be a huge asset in teaching Spanish Native Language students, especially immigrant students who go to school in the metropolitan Los Angeles area where I want to teach. 

Please send the Foundation's application guidelines, including procedures and deadlines to my above address.  If you need any further information, please call me at (323) 492-1678 or e-mail me at   

Thank you for considering this request.  I look forward to hearing from you about this scholarship.


Pablo Gonzalez

Pablo Gonzalez