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Economic Forecasts and Commentary

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The California and the Southern California Economy

  California Economic Trends-- California Economic Indicators. Data and commentary from the California Department of Finance.
  The Economic Data Global Express (e-EDGE) - From the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC)
  Bank of America: Economics & Financial Reports -- Analysis of the economy of California and the Western United States.
  California and National Economic Data and Links from Cal State Fresno.-- Information for the Fresno area, California and the Nation.
  UCLA-Anderson School of Management: Business Forecast -- Long-term outlook for the Southern California Economy
  All Aboard PTI's Local Government WWW Train! --These World Wide Web sites represent the pioneering efforts of local governments as they explore the Internet's potential. There are listings for California local government as well as other states.
  The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco -- Your gateway to information about the 12th Federal Reserve District and the nation

The National Economy

  FRB Cleveland Research Department Home Page -- This is a great source for summaries of national economic conditions.
  FRB of Minneapolis Research Archive --The Federal Reserve Beige Book. Reports on economic conditions in each Federal Reserve district.
  FedWorld-- Your gateway to the Federal Government's presence on the Web.
  BEA Home Page --Information on the publications of the Department of Commerce including the Survey of Current Business.
  Economics and Statistics Administration -- More data from the Federal Government.
  Amos World--Believe it or not, an entertaining and instructive economics site. Highly recommended - the approach is informal and humorous. You don't need a degree in economics to get a lot out of this site. Recommended.
Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network -- Ed Yardeni is the chief economist of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell/C.J. Lawrence. In his "Chart Room," you will find numerous charts of U.S. macro, financial, and some industrial material. With "Economic Indicators," you will find data from the latest releases of statistical material. There is also a "Weekly Economic Analysis," a "Weekly Economic Analysis," and "Topical Analyses," which are self explanatory (some material on this site requires that you be a subscriber to access it.
The Dismal Scientist: An Economic Information and Economic Analysis Web Site.  The Dismal Scientist gives free economic information and economic analysis on the Web.
Cal State L.A. Interesting Web Sites for Economics Majors - Professional Associations, institutes and gateways.
  The Information Economy  - The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues - Compiled by Hal Varian
  Paul Krugman's Web Site -  A page established and maintained by Paul Krugman to provide easy access to some of his more recent writings. Fun stuff! Highly recommended.
Brad De Long's Home Page - A great set of readings and links; check out his book-in-progress on the economic history of the 20th century.

Business Magazines On-Line

The Economist
Yahoo -Magazines :Business and Economics
Housing and Mortgage Market Outlook
The Los Angeles Times

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