Minor in Mathematics


Required Courses (Prerequisites in parentheses)

Math 206 Calculus I (Math 102 and Math 103)
Math 207 Calculus II (Math 206)
Math 208 Calculus III (Math 207)
Math 209 Calculus IV (Math 208)
Math 255 Introduction to Matrix Theory (Math 208)

Electives: 12 units of upper division math courses (see list below).

Information about course offerings can be obtained on the Mathematics Department webpage. (link to page with Future offerings document – on the front page of math dept. website).

For specific selections of courses that best complement your major, as well as information about which courses can double count for major and minor, click on the icon that represents your major.

mathbio mathmicrobio mathchem mathbiochem mathcs mathphysics
Biology Major, Math Minor Microbiology Major, Math Minor Chemistry Major, Math Minor BioChemistry Major, Math Minor Computer Science Major, Math Minor Physics Major, Math Minor

Upper Division courses without additional prerequisites (beyond required courses listed above)
Math 320 Selected Topics in History of Mathematics (Math 207 [co-requisite])
Math 325 Mathematical Notation and Proof (Math 208)
Math 472 Linear Programming (Math 255)
Math 474 Theory of Probability (Math 209)
Math 410 Vector Analysis (Math 209, Math 255)

Upper Division courses with one additional prerequisite:
Math 401 Differential Equations (Math 209, Math 255, Math 325)
Math 420 Mathematical Logic (Math 325)
Math 430 Modern Geometry (Math 325)
Math 446 Theory of Numbers (Math 325)
Math 455 Modern Algebra I (Math 255, Math 325)
Math 465 Advanced Calculus I (Math 209, Math 325)
Math 475 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Math 474)
Math 470 Numerical Analysis I (Math 208, Math 255, CS 201 OR Math 210)

Upper Division courses with two additional prerequisites:
Math 467 Advanced Calculus III (Math 255, Math 465)
Math 484 Graph Theory (Math 248, Math 325)
Math 456 Modern Algebra II (Math 455)
Math 457 Linear Algebra (Math 455)
Math 463 Introduction to Complex Analysis (Math 465)
Math 466 Advanced Calculus II (Math 465)
Math 435 Topology (Math 465)
Math 402A Advanced Mathematics I for Engineers and Physicists (Math 215 or Math 401)
Math 463 Partial Differential Equations (Math 215 or Math 401)

Upper Division courses with more than two additional prerequisites:
Math 471 Numerical Analysis II (Math 215, Math 470)
Math 480 Modeling Biological Systems

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