Biology Minor

Required Courses: (Prerequisites in parentheses)

Biol 100A Introduction to Biology
Biol 100B Introduction to Biology II (Biol 100A)
Biol 100C Introduction to Biology III (Biol 100B)
Chem 151 Fundamentals of Chemistry I (one year of HS chemistry; math placement exam)
Math 102 College Algebra (Exemption or completion of remediation or Math 91 exit exam)

Electives: Select 12 units of upper division biology courses (see list of approved courses below).

biocs biomath biophysics
Computer Science Major, Biology Minor Math Major, Biology Minor Physics Major, Biology Minor

Information about course offerings can be obtained on the Biology Department webpage. (link to page with Future offerings document on biology web page).

For some majors, Chem 151 and/or Math 102 may be replaced by higher level courses in the respective major. Course substitutions must be approved by a biology adviser. For suggested elective courses that best complement other science majors, as well as information about which courses can double count for major and minor, click on the icon that represents the desired major/minor combination.

Upper Division courses without additional prerequisites (beyond required courses listed above)

Biol 300 Biometrics (Math 103)
Biol 422 Vertebrate Structure
Biol 425 Plant Anatomy
Biol 429 Animal Histology
Biol 440 Taxonomy of Angiosperms
Biol 451 Ornithology
Biol 455 Mammology
Biol 457 Marine Invertebrate Zoology

Upper Division courses with only Biol 300 as a prerequisite:
Biol 320 Writing for Biologists
Biol 340 General Genetics
Biol 360 General Ecology
Biol 408 Experimental Design and Advanced Biometry

Upper Division courses with only Biol 340 as a prerequisite:
Biol 412 Human Genetics
Biol 414 Cytogenetics
Biol 415 Population Genetics
Biol 418 Evolution

Upper Division courses with only Biol 360 as a prerequisite:
Biol 462 Plant Ecology
Biol 470 Conservation Biology
Biol 472 Marine Ecology
Biol 473 Molecular Ecology

Upper Division courses with only Biol 380 as a prerequisite:
Biol 433 Animal Physiology I
Biol 434 Animal Physiology II
Biol 435 Neurobiology: Neuroanatomy
Biol 436 Neurobiology: Neurophysiology
Biol 437 Advanced Cell Physiology
Biol 439 Endocrinology
Biol 448 Molecular Biology of the Brain
Biol 449 Neurobiology of Development
Biol 476 Physiological Animal Ecology

Upper Division courses with additional prerequisite besides Biol 100C and/or the core courses listed above:
Biol 380 Cell Biology (Chem 101, Chem 102, Chem 103, Chem 201, Chem 301A)
Biol 402 Electron Microscopy (Chem 101, Chem 102, Chem 103, Chem 201, Chem 301A)
Biol 413 Molecular Diagnostics (Biol 380 or Micr 401 or Chem 431A and Chem 431C)
Biol 416 Molecular Genetics (Biol 340, Chem 301A)
Biol 417 Gene Manipulation (Biol 340 or Micr 401 and Biol 380 or Chem 431A, Chem 431B, Chem 432A)
Biol 420 Global Change (Biol 300, Biol 320, Biol 360, Chem 103)
Biol 424 General Embryology (Chem 301C)
Biol 430 Plant Physiology I (Chem 103)
Biol 431 Plant Physiology II (Biol 431)
Biol 432 Fundamentals of Toxicology (Biol 380, Chem 301C, Chem 302B)
Biol 444 Drug Discovery and Development (Chem 301C, Biol 380 or Chem 431A and Chem 435)
Biol 465 Issues in Environmental Biology (Chem 103)

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