La Kretz 302

La Kretz Room 302 Tele/Videoconferencing Facility

The La Kretz room 302 tele/videoconferencing facility is a multi-purpose conference room available for use through the College of Natural and Social Sciences. Use of the room is limited to the following types of meetings/groups:

  • Collaborative research groups
  • Small inter-departmental meetings
  • Seminars
  • Meetings that require teleconferencing and/or videoconferencing capability
  • Meetings with campus visitors/dignitaries

The room should not be used for lab group meetings (PIs meeting with students) or departmental committee meetings.

At present there are 10 chairs in the space at the conference table (see the images at the end of this page). The table itself has several electrical connections that can be used by meeting participants. There is an installed projector in the room, but it is currently experiencing some technical problems. However, small portable projectors and laptop computers are available for use in the room.

Contact Dwight Beltz (Center for Interdisciplinary Quantitative Analysis - CINQA) for scheduling information, equipment requirements and access to the room.




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