Center for Effective Teaching and Learning

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Center for Effective Teaching and Learning

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The Center for Effective Teaching was established as part of a comprehensive faculty development plan on the campus of the California State University, Los Angeles, in 1986. In addition to providing support for research of faculty members and resources for growth in their professional knowledge, the development plan provided support for the improvement of instruction with a focus on meeting the needs of students from diverse populations and those with different learning styles. Forms of support included in the plan were: training workshops in pedagogy and technology, release time for acquiring new teaching, mentoring, and advising skills, and release time for curriculum development. These provisions for support of both new and experienced faculty members comprised the basic elements of the charge of the Center for Effective Teaching.

In 1996, the Center added to its charge an element to support faculty members in the advancement of their knowledge and skill in the use of instructional technology and provided resources and personnel to accomplish this goal. In addition, as learning has become more of a focus for effective teaching, it was incorporated into the title to become the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning.


The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning contributes to...

  • The retention and success of students by creating an academic atmosphere that fosters quality instruction.

  • The retention and success of members of the faculty by creating a collegial environment that fosters interaction and by providing opportunities for continued instructional development that lead to excellence in teaching.

  • The professional and instructional development of faculty members by providing structured faculty development programs such as workshops and conferences; individualized services such as videotaping of classes, one-on-one consultations, mentoring, and assisting in course planning and program design; and faculty training in the use of instructional technology. A newsletter publicizes the Center's services and presents innovative ideas on teaching and learning.

  • Public acknowledgement of excellence in teaching by providing forums and workshops that showcase campus faculty members and their work, provide the opportunity for stimulating discussion, and promote the sharing of successful ideas on teaching and learning.

  • The creation of a cadre of faculty specialists by working collaboratively with faculty who are academically recognized in their school and discipline to provide support and guidance for new and experienced faculty members who wish to examine research and pursue alternative methods of instruction.

  • The integration of research into teaching by emphasizing strategies that focus on the use of current knowledge and research in improving the teaching/learning process, assisting faculty members in implementing discipline-specific research, and conducting field-based campus research.

  • The provision of a data base and standard of teaching effectiveness by analyzing records, research, and studies to establish a framework for effective teaching. The Center will pursue grants as a means of additional funding for this endeavor.

  • The provision of a regional, systemwide, and national clearinghouse for the dissemination of research activities and practices on teaching and learning, and the use of instructional technology through its newsletter.