Center for Advanced Scientific Analyses (CASA)



Center for Advanced Scientific Analyses




Our CASA (home) is under

 it will be officially launched in Sep 24, 2011

the CASA's 1st fellow will be honored.




The Center for Advanced Scientific Analyses
(CASA) was
created to serve the Southern California Community of Scientists by
creating a collaboration center.  The Center provides a much needed
service of bringing the scientists of different disciplines together
where they may find other researchers of common interest, industrial
partners in need of experts, or graduate students searching for an
academic position.  Although the CASA is housed at Cal State LA, we
are a community of many universities and many industrial partners. 

Membership in the CASA is free and is granted to
the scientists/faculty members/ industry leaders/ inventors/etc. However, the CASA
Fellowship is bestowed only upon those who have distinguished themselves
through endeavors for betterment of human life.  You are invited to
nominate yourself or others for the CASA membership as well as the CASA
fellowship.  We have only few months to get ready for our launching
ceremony when our 1st fellow will be recognized. 

Please keep checking this site regularly to find
out about our activities as we build our home.  Your comments,
contributions, and fellowship is of utmost importance for the success of
our community of scientists and the future of the scientists we train. 




  • Center for Energy and Sustainability
  • Center for Materials Research
  • CSULA College of Engineering
  • CSUN  College of Engineering
  • CSULB College of Engineering
  • RadiaBeam



  • NSF
  • JPL
  • NREL
  • LANL





People who would benefit from the
CASA membership:


 Faculty members from various
disciplines and various institutions interested in finding collaborators

 Scientists of all
disciplines interested in meeting with their peers

 Industry leaders and
various industries in need of experts

 Innovators to take their
ideas one step further

 Educators and
educational institutions interested in finding or filling a position

 Graduate students looking for

 Undergraduate students
looking for research activities

 Policy makers in need of
objective expert opinions







Contact Information:

Professor Sharif

for Advanced Scientific Analyses


California State University, Los Angeles

State University Drive

Angeles, CA 90032-8153



Fax:     323-343-5004

the process of being activated)