PowerPoint Presentation - Prostate Cancer Outcomes by Race &Treatment Site

Does Treatment Site really make a difference?
¢In-hospital short-term mortality after Prostatectomy
lHigh volume of prostectomies associated with low mortality
"Medicare claimsdata
Â¥n=101,604 between 1991 and 1994
"NationwideInpatient Sample
Â¥n=66,693 between 1989-1995
Yao, S.L. and G. Lu-Yao, Population-basedstudy of relationships between hospital volume
of prostatectomies, patient outcomes, and length of hospital stay. J Natl Cancer Inst, 1999. 91(22): p. 1950-6.
Ellison, L.M., J.A.Heaney, and J.D. Birkmeyer, Theeffect of hospital volume on mortality and resource use afterradical prostatectomy. J Urol,2000. 163(3): p. 867-9.
Does where you get treatment really make a difference? This question has been explored in terms of prostectomy volume.

A review of over 100,000 Medicare claims data between 1991-1994 found that low, medium-low and medium-high volume hospitals had higher risk of mortality in the immediate 30 day post procedure period compared to high volume hospitals [Yao].  Similar results were observed using the Nationwide Inpatient Sample data.