PowerPoint Presentation - Prostate Cancer Outcomes by Race &Treatment Site

Data Sources
¢Los Angeles CancerSurveillance Program (CSP)
lWhite or African-American
lDiagnosed with prostate cancer1998-2003
¢NCI-designated CancerCenter
lUSC-Norris Cancer Center,UCLA-Jonsson Cancer Center, City ofHope Cancer Center
¢Office of State HealthPlanning Department (OSHPD):
lTeaching status
lBed Size
lAverage length of stay
lUrban vs. Rural
lHospital in-patient racialdistribution
lMSSA: % below poverty, racialdistribution
Our main data source is CSP, the Los Angeles Cancer Surveillance Program.  White or African American with newly diagnosed prostate cancer cases from 1998-2003 were identified through the Los Angeles Cancer Surveillance Program.  In LA county, there were only three NCI designated cancer centers, Norris, UCLA and City of Hope. Other hospital characteristic information are currently being abstracted from the Office of State Health Planning Department including teaching status, bed size, average length of stay, Urban vs. Rural, racial distribution and poverty level.