PowerPoint Presentation - Prostate Cancer Outcomes by Race &Treatment Site

lMortality after cystectomy, colectomy, pulmonary resections, pancreatic resection, gastrectomy and esophagectomy
lNCI Centers had lower operative mortality in 4/6 procedures
lLong term mortality: no difference
Birkmeyer,N.J., et al., Do cancer centersdesignated by the National Cancer Institute have better
surgicaloutcomes? Cancer, 2005. 103(3): p.435-41.
We only aware of one study examined NCI-designation and outcomes.  Unfortunately, surgical treatment for prostate cancer was not studied.
Comparing to high volume control hospitals, cancer centers were found to have significantly lower operative mortality rates than control hospitals for colectomy, pulmonary resection, gastrectomy and esophogectomy; however, long-term survival rates did not differ between NCI cancer centers and control hospitals.
There are no studies that compare mortality in NCI vs. non NCI centers for prostate cancer outcomes.  It is also unclear whether utilization of NCI centers differs substantially between the races for prostate cancer