PowerPoint Presentation - Prostate Cancer Outcomes by Race &Treatment Site

¢Adjustment variables:
"SES, age, marital status
lYear of diagnosis: 1998-2003
lTumor information
"Stage (localized, regional,distant)
"Grade (well-differentiated,moderately differentiated, poor/undifferentiated)
lTreatment information
"Surgery (no, radical/totalprostatectomy) 
"Radiation (yes, no)
"Hormone therapy (yes, no)
There are the adjustment variables that we will also included in the multivariate model: demographic variables, year of diagnosis, insurance status, tumor stage and grade, as well as treatment received.
Well-differentiated (gleason score 2-4), moderately (gleason score 5-7), poor/undiff (gleason score 8-10)