Acculturation by Ethnicity and Language (H7)
Â¥Mexican-Americans were more likely report greater acculturation compared to the other ethnic groups
Â¥All ethnic groups who were fluent in English were more likely to be acculturated compared to others who spoke primarily their own native language (t=16.585; p<0.0001)
Â¥Chinese Americans (M=2.34; SD=0.78) have higher acculturation level compared to Korean-Americans (M= 1.88; SD=0.64).

Patient-doctor relationships by ethnicities and language (H7)
Â¥The three ethnic groups showed significant differences in satisfaction with the doctor-patient relationship (F=7.5; p<0.001).
Â¥Korean-Americans reported the greatest satisfaction (M=25.1; SD=4.39)
Â¥Mexican-Americans reported the lowest doctor-patient relationship satisfaction scores (M=22.85; SD=4.39)