PowerPoint Presentation - Understanding the Barriers and Facilitatorsto Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Hispanic Youth with A.L.L.

ÒSometimesI didnÕt take Ôem I just Рcuz I would get sick. And Iwould just wait a couple days and then take the rest of them.Ó
   -21 year old Hispanic male diagnosed at age 17

* Not overcoming barriers: Side effects
√íIwould take it and the following week I wouldn√ït take it, Iwould forget. But since I didn√ït like them, sometimes I would take them -  or if not, I wouldthrow them away.√ì
   -15 year old Hispanic female diagnosed at age 12

* Lack of organization; * Rebellion
Examples of Themes
Associated with Non-Adherence