PowerPoint Presentation - Understanding the Barriers and Facilitatorsto Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Hispanic Youth with A.L.L.

ÒTell me about any problemsyou had taking or remembering totake the pillsÓ
l  ÒI have a theory that if you take allyour meds at a certain time itÕll work for that certain time and then if you donÕt take it at that certain time then itÕll work differently.  I always had in mind, and it was always in my head bugging me, Ôoh, take your meds, take your medsÕ...knowing the fact that it was best for me and for my health, thatÕs really the reason why I always was – had time – to take my meds.Ó
19 year old Hispanic malewith A.L.L.