PowerPoint Presentation - Understanding the Barriers and Facilitatorsto Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Hispanic Youth with A.L.L.

ÒWhatdid you (your child) find difficult about this treatment?Ó
l√í...So I would wake her up, pull her out of bed, and she√ïd be tired, and it would take me a really long time to wake her up. And I√ïd put her in the kitchen and shakeher and say √îyou√ïve got to take this pill,√ï and √îNo, no, I√ïm not taking it!√ï And we√ïd go in this argument and I√ïd say √îWell, you ate and I just can√ït give it to you, and you had milk.√ï And so finally we√ïd battle it out and she√ïd take it, put her right back to sleep and she√ïd fall asleep.  And that was the worst partof my life, because I was up all night.√ì
Mother of 3-year-old Caucasiangirl with A.L.L.