PowerPoint Presentation - Understanding the Barriers and Facilitatorsto Adherence to Oral Chemotherapy in Hispanic Youth with A.L.L.

Therapy: Maintenance Phase
lGoal = to ÒmaintainÓ remission
lUsually antimetabolite-based
lDaily oral mercaptopurine (6-MP)
lWeekly oral methotrexate
lMonthly pulses of:
-IV Vincristine
-Oral glucocorticoid x 5 days
l(prednisone or dexamethasone)
The goal of the final phase of ALL therapy is to ÒmaintainÓ the remission- this phase may be referred to as ÒMaintenanceÓ or ÒContinuationÓ.
Most of the therapy during this phase is given orally, at home, on a daily basis.
The usual medications are mercaptopurine (6-MP) given by mouth (tablets) every evening, and methotrexate given by mouth (tablets) once a week in the evening or by intramuscular injection once a week.  The children then return to the clinic on an intermittent basis (usually every 3 to 4 weeks) to receive intravenous vincristine.  They also usually receive a short course of oral glucocorticoid (prednisone or dexamethasone) for 5 to 7 days corresponding with the administration of vincristine.
This typically continues until the child is about 2 to 3 year post diagnosis, at which time treatment is stopped.