PowerPoint Presentation - CSULA-COH Cancer Collaborative

MPossible Mentor
*CSULA and COH juniorfaculty will be provided with career building opportunities.
**CSULA students whocomplete this activity will be eligible for entry into Ph.D. programs specializing in population science, molecular epidemiology, and psychosocial oncology.
***CSULA students whocomplete this program will be eligible for entry into COHÕs Biological SciencesPh.D. program and other laboratory-based Ph.D. Programs.
CSULA-COH Cancer Collaborative
Organization Chart
Pilot Project Faculty
Laboratory Training Mentors
CSULA Students**
CSULA Students***
Cancer Research
Cancer Training
Administrative Core
Internal Advisory Committee (IAC)
Kane, Bhatia, Chen, Grant, Novak, Otis-Green, Shen, Weitzel
Kane, Benedict, Novak
Kane, Chen, Lee, OÕConnor, Palomares, Shen, Shively, Termini, Lee
Ashing-Giwa (M), Bhatia (M), Grant (M), Juarez, Otis-Green (M), Perez, Thornton
Momand, Corley, Hughes, Sharp, Gutierrez
Galvan, Ferguson-Marshalleck, Cardoza
Sharp, Momand,Singh, Porter,
Wen, Gomez,LaPolt, Xu
Villa (M), Ledesma, Corley (M), Nielsen-Menicucci, Washington, Ming, London
City of Hope Personnel
CSULA Personnel