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DistinguishedSpeaker Series
§Cancer Research Faculty polled for theirideas on potential speakers for the inaugural event three top candidates emerged
¬ßFaculty polled for their rankings of the topcandidates a clear consensus emerged:  Dr. Nancy Krieger, Harvard School ofPublic Health
§ÒDr.Nancy Krieger's work focuses on social inequalities in health. She is a social epidemiologist,with a background in biochemistry, philosophy of science, history of publichealth, and involvement as an activist in issues involving social justice, science,and health.Ó
§Dr. Krieger has been invited and she ischecking her availability
¥ÒGreatto learn about your program -- and thanks for the kind invitation!Ó
§Inaugural Distinguished Speaker event istentatively planned for January, 2008 at CSULA