PowerPoint Presentation

CancerResearch Program
§Dr. Momand attended meetings with Chairs ofHHS and NSS to enlist their assistance with faculty recruitment atCSULA
§interestedfaculty identified and contacted by Dr. Momand
§Dr. Kane worked with Dr. Smita Bhatia, Chairof Population Sciences at COH to identify COH faculty interested in theprogram
§prospectivefaculty contacted by Dr. Kane
§Meeting of interested research facultyconvened at CSULA on February 20
§presentationof ongoing research programs by COH faculty leaders
§discussionof general scope of programs that might be developed
§Faculty are working independently to forgecollaborations and develop project ideas; follow-up meetings will be held
§RFP for first round of Pilot Projects willbe released in April
§August1, 2007 deadline