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"Inaugural meeting of Internal Advisory..."
Inaugural meeting of Internal Advisory Committee held at CSULA on October 24, 2006
attended by IAC members, the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & Research, Deans/Associate Deans from the College of Natural & Social Sciences and the College of Health & Human Services
Co-PIs presented overview of program
IAC discussed overall program design, how to recruit faculty into the Cancer Research Program, how to recruit students and mentors into Cancer Training Program
next steps and follow-up meetings were outlined
Co-PIs hold bi-weekly meetings by phone to plan programmatic details, agree on action items, and assign responsible party to each
Program Coordinator and Web Developer hired at CSULA; website is up and running

Dr. Momand attended meetings with Chairs of HHS and NSS to enlist their assistance with faculty recruitment at CSULA
interested faculty identified and contacted by Dr. Momand
Dr. Kane worked with Dr. Smita Bhatia, Chair of Population Sciences at COH to identify COH faculty interested in the program
prospective faculty contacted by Dr. Kane
Meeting of interested research faculty convened at CSULA on February 20
presentation of ongoing research programs by COH faculty leaders
discussion of general scope of programs that might be developed
Faculty are working independently to forge collaborations and develop project ideas; follow-up meetings will be held
RFP for first round of Pilot Projects will be released in April
August 1, 2007 deadline

Drs. Momand and Kane have recruited faculty from both institutions who are interested in serving as co-mentors and collaborators on student projects
Meeting of faculty held at COH on January 22
abstracts of research interests from all faculty
discussion of research interests and cancer connection from CSULA faculty
potential collaborators, projects, available facilities identified
Faculty are working independently to forge collaborations and define projects for student trainees
two projects already posted on website
4-5 additional projects anticipated
Student applications will be solicited in May/June/July

"Junior faculty in the Cancer..."
Junior faculty in the Cancer Research Program have been identified from both CSULA and COH
Details of career development activities and mentoring relationships will await development and funding of specific Pilot Projects
Junior faculty in the Cancer Training Program have been identified from CSULA
Career development will occur in the context of collaborative student projects -- increasing involvement in cancer research, developing capacity for R01-level funding

"Cancer Research Faculty polled for..."
Cancer Research Faculty polled for their ideas on potential speakers for the inaugural event – three top candidates emerged
Faculty polled for their rankings of the top candidates – a clear consensus emerged:  Dr. Nancy Krieger, Harvard School of Public Health
ÒDr. Nancy Krieger's work focuses on social inequalities in health. She is a social epidemiologist, with a background in biochemistry, philosophy of science, history of public health, and involvement as an activist in issues involving social justice, science, and health.Ó
Dr. Krieger has been invited and she is checking her availability
ÒGreat to learn about your program -- and thanks for the kind invitation!Ó
Inaugural Distinguished Speaker event is tentatively planned for January, 2008 at CSULA