Elizabeth Viau , Ph. D.
Professor, Instructional Technology

Dr. Mori

Dr. Wiebe

Dr. Arvedson

Dr. Doyle-Nichols

Current Professional Affiliation

Ph.D. University of Oregon 1986 Curriculum and Instruction Computers in Education
M.A. California State University, Chico 1986 Curriculum and Instruction Computers in Education
B.Ed. University of British Columbia, Canada
B.A. University of British Columbia, Canada Majors: English and History Minor: Biology

Related Professional Experiences
  • 1998-Present California State University, L A Professor, Ed Foundations

  • 1992-1998 California State University, L A Associate Professor, Ed Foundations

  • 1988-1992 Montana State University, Bozeman Assistant Professor, Curriculum/Instruction

  • 1987-1988 Coker College, South Carolina Assistant Professor, Curriculum / Instruction

  • 5 years Cupertino Union School District California Elementary Teacher

  • 2 years Seattle Public Schools,Washington Elementary Teacher

  • 5 years Vancouver School Board, British Columbia Elementary Teacher

Courses Taught

  • EDIT 430 Introduction to Computers in the Classroom
  • EDIT 472 World Builders
  • EDIT 490 Special Topics in Instructional Technology
  • EDIT 560 Telecommunications in Education
Selected Publications
  • Viau, E. A. (1998) World Building: A Course of the Future." Ed at a Distance Magazine. January.

  • Viau, E. A. (1998, February) "Color Me a Writer: Teaching Students to Think Critically". Learning and
    Leading With Technology. Volume 25, Number 5. Pages (2 - 5).

  • Viau, E. A, (1998). "Shades of Meaning". The Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. Viau, E. A.,
    (1998) "Building Models, Building Worlds". Proceedings: The National Educational Computing
    Conference, San Diego, June.

  • Viau, E.A. (1996). "Melding Technology and Pedagogy". Proceedings, AACE. Viau, E.A. (1995). Technology and
    the Nature of Knowledge". Forum for Honors, Fall.

Special Interests
Contact Information

Division of Educational Foundations and Interdivisional Studies
California State University, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA 90032-8143
Telephone: (323) 343-6147
Fax: (323) 343-5336
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