Mentoring Agreement

Mentoring Agreement components

Mentoring Agreements lay out a plan of the goal/s to be achieved, specific activities needed to achieve each goal, and specific deadlines.  The mentee should be asked to suggest the goal/s, so the mentor can give feedback, and together they will decide on the plan and fill out a Mentoring Agreement form.  The Mentor forwards this to program staff.

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The following are suggested activities to choose from, that can support the achievement of negotiated goals in the Mentoring Agreement.

  1. Mentor and mentee interview each other, focusing on mentee academic and professional plans and challenges.
  2. Mentor suggests resources about career field or professional life (such as newsletters, websites, articles, apps, industry thought leaders), and contributes insights if possible.
  3. Mentor gives feedback on mentee’s plan for seeking job shadowing/internship possibilities, and if possible will give feedback on mentee’s job applications.
  4. If scheduling permits, mentor and mentee may attend a Cal State LA professional, civic, or career event together, and meet to debrief on what the mentee learned.
  5. Mentor gives feedback and advice on mentee’s interpersonal skills and professional strengths/weaknesses, as they are observed.
  6. Mentor reviews mentee’s résumé and/or cover letter, and offers feedback and advice.
  7. Mentor conducts mock interview/professional introduction/”elevator pitch” by mentee, and gives feedback and advice.
  8. Periodically review progress toward agreed goals, what the mentee has learned, and next steps for the mentoring relationship.
  9. Formally conclude the mentoring relationship with a final review of what has been learned, and the next career development steps the mentee should plan for.