Joining the Career Mentor Program as a Student or Alumni Mentee

Mentors help participants develop the professional and personal skills beneficial for career development.  Mentors can also provide valuable insights and advice on career choices, appropriate educational options, how to develop professional and personal goals, and provide guidance about potential employers and career networking opportunities.

Mentee Eligibility

  • Be a current Cal State LA student or graduate.
  • Complete the Mentee Application which will be reviewed by program staff for approval.
  • Negotiate a Mentoring Agreement with the mentor who agrees to work with them.
  • Abide by the policies and procedures in the Cal State LA Career Mentoring Handbook.

Program Registration 

Students and alumni interested in being matched with a career mentor must complete the Mentee Application.

Choosing a Mentor

Contact a mentor to request being matched with them.  Upon being accepted by a Mentor, the two arrange an interview (in person, by phone, online, etc.) and negotiate a Mentoring Agreement.  Mentors then forward the completed Mentoring Agreement to program staff.

Your Role as a Mentee

  • Keep appointments and other commitments with their mentor.
  • Respond promptly to communications from the mentor.
  • Listen with an open mind to mentor’s feedback and advice.
  • Try to consider career planning issues from different points of view, including the needs of employers and colleagues.
  • Maintain confidentiality about mentoring discussions. 


  • Student mentee dinner with mentors
  • Students and recent graduates dine with alumni mentors. 
  • Mentors review resumes and practice job interviews with student mentees
  • Alumni and "friends of the University" mentors review student résumés, practice job interviews and evaluate student professional networking elevator pitches.