How to Get Started

Steps to completing career mentor application

Step 1 -- Application

Alumni and Friends of the University interested in serving as a mentor must submit a completed Mentor Application online at the Career Development Center’s CareerLink page:

Step 2 -- Review

Alumni applications will be reviewed by the Alumni Association to verify membership prior to program approval. If alumni are not current members, the Alumni Association will contact them to update membership. Friends of the University applications will be verified by the Career Development Center.

Step 3 -- Interview

Upon receiving the Mentor Application, Program staff will also contact the applicant to arrange an interview -- applications will not be approved without a mentor interview and alumni membership verification. Mentor Interviews can be conducted by phone or in person.

Step 4 -- Approval

Upon reviewing the Mentor Application, Alumni Membership status, and the Interview responses, program staff shall determine whether to approve the mentor applicant, and will notify them of their status.  Approved mentors will be told the time and site of Mentor Orientations to be conducted online or in-person.

Step 5 -- Orientation

Orientation sessions for new or continuing mentors will be conducted in fall and spring semesters.  These sessions will review policies and procedures, as well as a workshop experience in which mentors can practice some mentoring skills and activities.  Cal State LA Career Mentoring Program staff will also provide more limited orientation assistance to mentors who cannot attend, either in-person, online, or by phone.