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California State University Los Angeles departments and agencies, may establish a local trust account for depositing funds collected from non-state funding sources. (i.e. fees collected for placement, evaluations, testing, processing, programs projects, donations etc.) Cal State L.A. presidential chartered Centers, Bureaus, and Institutes may also establish local trust accounts. However; Centers, Bureaus, and Institutes have a separate and different approval process. (The process is outlined in the Cal State L.A.' Graduate Studies and Research website.)

UAS is tasked with administering the local trust accounts, which includes fiscal responsibility of receipt and expenditures of funds made into and out of trust accounts. Accordingly, it is the fiduciary responsibility of UAS to maintain documentation for expenditures consistent with good business practice and remain in compliance with the trust agreement and applicable documentation standards required by Federal, State, and Local governments.

Cal State L.A., on the other hand is legally responsible for the functions and services performed by all local trust account holders (Departments, Centers, Agencies, Institutes, and Bureaus). Cal State L.A. and its units assume full responsibility for all functions and services performed in the trust. Therefore UAS assumes no general liability for trust account holders' actions.

It is important to note that the funds are deposited into a local trust account for specific purposes related to the program, and the educational mission of Cal State L.A.. Although the Local Trust funds are not part of the University general fund money, funds donated are still considered state money.

Trust accounts that are not established and used in accordance with the Education Code and CSU policy expose the university to public relations risks that are difficult to quantify but significant. UAS fosters California Whistleblower Protection Act under Executive Order no. 821, which establishes a procedure for employees at CSU and its auxiliaries, to make protected disclosures of improper activities. Any intentional deviation from the policies and procedures stated in this document must be reported to an UAS or university official.


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