California Student Opportunity and Access Program (CAL-SOAP)


The needs of the educational system in the state of California are unique to their different regions and counties.  Presently there are similar challenging situations to many educational communities in other states.  It is proven that the ethnic and cultural diversity of these educational communities possess great richness which is challenged by language, socioeconomic problems, growing poverty and population. 

     The Los Angeles Consortium  is comprised of four year universities, secondary school districts, community colleges,  and community based organizations.   The collaboration with its consortium members allows the Cal SOAP program to be effective in providing services to its target population.

     Cal-SOAP facilitates and creates opportunities through the coordination of services to hundreds of students and parents. We work to increase the number of low income, underrepresented students pursuing a post-secondary education.

     The Los Angeles Cal-SOAP Consortium staff meet with students on a weekly basis.   This ongoing interaction of student-staff contact stimulates effective delivery of support services individually and to small groups of students from K-14 grade levels.  We believe that by building a professional relationship and servicing students and their parents we can facilitate individual and group learning. The Los Angeles Consortium strongly believes and practices in-depth quality delivery of services to each and all student participants

Phone:     (323) 343-3180
Location:  5151 State University Dr, King Hall D-147
                Los Angeles, CA 90032