Marketing Management

Marketing management is offered as an option for the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Business Administration and as an emphasis within the Master of Business Administration degree. The broad spectrum of the field of marketing is reflected in the fact that three other options within the B.S. degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Retailing) are used in this field. Certificate programs in Marketing and Commercial Transportation are offered to students majoring in other fields who wish to develop expertise in these areas.

Marketing careers cover several areas. Marketing management covers the planning, organizing, and controlling aspects of marketing. Marketing managers are responsible for marketing a product or product or product line; their responsibilities include determining appropriate prices, distribution channels, and promotion methods for maximum success. Because 50-80% of all new products introduced fail to succeeded in the marketplace, the job of a product or brand manager is challenging.

Marketing managers have the role of recognizing consumer's needs and desires and developing a strategy designed to create a market for goods and services. In this role, graduates trained in marketing find opportunities in such industries as retailing, wholesaling, and manufacturing. Similar opportunities exist at all functional levels within the firm, including general management, purchasing, selling, and advertising.

Promotion or marketing communication includes personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, publicity, direct marketing, and advertising, all of which are used by firms to reach a wide variety of customers, middlemen, and stockholders. Many creative people are employed in advertising agencies, public relations firms, and in the print and broadcast media, to name just a few industries.

Students with an interest in transportation may select from a wide range of careers. Motor freight carriers, industrial traffic (purchasing )departments, travel agencies, international freight forwarders, air freight forwarders and couriers, and steamship companies are just a few of the businesses that seek employees with transportation training.

Sales jobs are so varied in their scope and requirements that virtually anyone can find a satisfying sales job in any field. The old concept that salesman "are born, not made" certainly is not true in modern business, nor is it borne out by the experience of the most progressive organizations. In fact, any person who has the ability to work hard, persevere, exhibit genuine enthusiasm about a product or service, consider customers problems and make a sincere effort to solve them can succeed in sales. Self-confidence and confidence in the organization are most essential. Much of this confidence comes with training and experience.

At the graduate level, students may select an option in marketing for the M.S. degree in Business Administration or a concentration in marketing for the M.B.A. degree. Postbaccalaureate study offers opportunities to expand upon skills and knowledge gained during undergraduate years and presents opportunities for research and professional growth.

Students in marketing are eligible for membership in the Marketing Club, a coed fraternity that specializes in providing practical experience in sales and marketing management. Interested students who qualify may join Mu Kappa Tao, the National marketing honor society, and Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honor society for business, and the campus chapter of Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi national honor societies which are open to qualified students in all academic disciplines. In addition, numerous scholarships are available to students in all disciplines who meet established criteria.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 
Option: Marketing


Master of Science in Business Administration 
Option: Marketing


Master of Business Administration
Concentration: Marketing


Degrees Offered




Career Opportunities

In advertising agencies:
Account executive
Medical director
Research director

Advertising Manager

Distribution Manager

Industrial salesperson

Marketing constant

Marketing manager

Marketing research director

Marketing researcher

Sales person

Purchasing transportation

for industrial firms

Public relations specialist

Sales Manager

Transportation salesperson

Travel and tourism manager

University, college, or business college instructor