International Business

International business at Cal State L.A. is offered as an option in the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Graduate students can pursue a concentration in international business in the Master of Business Administration degree or an option in the Master of Science in Business Administration degree. A 24-unit certificate program in International Business also is offered for students majoring in other fields.

The study of international business is concerned with the entire spectrum of business activities that cross national boundaries: accounting, economics, management, marketing, and finance. Import/export, licensing, joint ventures, wholly owned subsidiaries, turnkey operations, and management contracts are just some of the international business activities that have grown rapidly in recent years. The focus of international business in the United States has shifted from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Rim, with Los Angeles serving as the focal point. Cal State L.A.'s location in the center of this growing international trading region enables the campus to provide excellent job opportunities for its graduates.

The need for capable people to fill international business positions will continue to grow as world trade continues to expand. Students in the undergraduate option can look for career opportunities in import/export firms, export management companies, custom brokerage fires, international freight forwarders, international shipping companies, international departments of banks, international advertising agencies, government agencies, international organizations, and other related businesses.

The graduate program trains international business specialists by combining an extensive business education with a comprehensive knowledge of the international environment. Graduates learn to understand cultural differences and evaluate their importance when making business decisions. Firms raging from small trading companies to giant multinational corporation, whether located in United States or abroad, need people with this specialized background.

A credit certificate program in International Business is offered for those who wish to obtain expertise in international business without completing the degree program. This certificate is valuable for students who are pursuing other areas of business for their major but wish to obtain training in international business, managers of international companies who want or further enhance their careers, or nonbusiness students who have an interest in international business.

Cal State L.A.'s World Trade Education Center was formed to promote a better understanding of trade issues. Business people, government officials, and students learn how to operate more effectively in the competitive world trade environment through education programs, training programs, and research projects. An advisory board of representatives from various types of international business firms works to develop closer links between the campus and the business community.

Students in International business are eligible for membership in the International Business Association, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and other associations within the College of Business and Economics. The International Business Association is established to meet the interest of students wanting careers in international marketing and business. The Phi Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon is established specifically to meet the interest of marketing and international marketing students with opportunities to attend conferences, interact with sales and marketing executives for the US and internationally and participate in numerous joint community marketing and international project.

Those who quality may join the campus' Eta chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma, the national honor society for business. Business Administration majors may join the campus chapters of Golden Key and Phi Kappa Phi national honor societies which are open to qualified students in all academic disciplines. In addition, numerous scholarships are available to students in all disciplines who meet established criteria.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 
Option: International Business


Master of Science in Business Administration 
Option: International Business


Master of Business Administration
Concentration: International Business


Certificate Offered

International Business

Career Opportunities

Foreign service


International accounting

International advertising

International agencies

International banking and finance/p>

International marketing

International organizations

International transportation

U.S. Commerce Department

US Treasury