Faculty and Areas of Specialization

H. Rika Houston (Ph.D.,University of California, Irvine) Sustainability Marketing, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Qualitative Marketing Research, Civic Engagement and Marketing Education.
E-mail: hhousto@calstatela.edu

Shirley M. Stretch (Ph.D.,Ohio State University) Marketing Management and Strategy, Retailing, Marketing Education, Consumer Behavior Relations, and Social Media.
E-mail: sstretc@calstatela.edu

Tye W. Jackson (Ph.D.,University of California at Berkeley) Marketing Science, Customer Relationship Management, Database Marketing, Branding, Integrated Marketing Communications and Consulting. 
E-mail: tjackso4@calstatela.edu

Iksuk Kim (Ph.D.,Purdue University) Retailing, Internet Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, and Entertainment Marketing.
E-mail: ikim@calstatela.edu

Freddy S. Lee ( Ph.D., University of British Columbia) Pricing, Marketing Management, Market Research, E-Cormmerce, Consumer Behavior, Models of Market Competition and Strategy.
E-mail: flee@calstatela.edu

Lily Lin ( Ph.D., University of British Columbia) Consumer Behavior, Marketing, International Business, and New Product Development.
E-mail: plin20@calstatela.edu

FERP Faculty

Jens D. Biermeier (Ph.D.,University of Essen, Germany) International Business, Marketing and Management Strategy.
E-mail: jbierme@calstatela.edu

Richard H. Kao (Ph.D.,University of Michigan) Marketing, Retail Banking, International Consumer Behavior and Market Research.
E-mail: rkao@calstatela.edu

For Further information, contact the Department of Marketing at (323) 343-5256 or the Office of Admissions and University Outreach at (323) 343-3178. California State University, Los Angeles, 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032-8530. University home page: www.calstatela.edu