Faculty and Areas of Specialization

H. Rika Houston (Ph.D.,University of California, Irvine) Sustainability Marketing, Consumer Behavior, International Marketing, Qualitative Marketing Research, Civic Engagement and Marketing Education.
Email: hhousto@calstatela.edu

Shirley M. Stretch (Ph.D.,Ohio State University) Marketing Management and Strategy, Retailing, Marketing Education, Consumer Behavior Relations, and Social Media.
Email: sstretc@calstatela.edu

Tye W. Jackson (Ph.D.,University of California at Berkeley) Marketing Science, Customer Relationship Management, Database Marketing, Branding, Integrated Marketing Communications and Consulting. 
Email: tjackso4@calstatela.edu

Iksuk Kim (Ph.D.,Purdue University) Retailing, Internet Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationship Management, and Entertainment Marketing.
Email: ikim@calstatela.edu

Freddy S. Lee ( Ph.D., University of British Columbia) Pricing, Marketing Management, Market Research, E-Cormmerce, Consumer Behavior, Models of Market Competition and Strategy.
Email: flee@calstatela.edu

Nicholas Pendarvis (Ph.D., University of South Carolina) The negotiation and cultural production of meaning in the context of consumption communities, collective framing processes, consumer movements, and social change processes within the marketplace.
Email: npendar@calstatela.edu

Maryam Tofighi (Ph.D., Concordia University) Marketing analytics, research, sustainability and social responsibility in marketing, along with retailing and merchandising, consumer behavior, and brand management.

Shikha Upadhyaya (Ph.D.,University of Wyoming) Multidimensional experiences of disadvantaged consumers in various consumption, marketplace settings and the implications with specific interest in the areas of sustainability, public policy, and social marketing.
Email: supadhy4@calstatela.edu

FERP Faculty

Jens D. Biermeier (Ph.D.,University of Essen, Germany) International Business, Marketing and Management Strategy.
Email: jbierme@calstatela.edu

For Further information, contact the Department of Marketing at (323) 343-5256 or the Office of Admissions and University Outreach at (323) 343-3178. California State University, Los Angeles, 5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032-8530. University home page: www.calstatela.edu