Undergraduate Programs (FAQ)

BSBA Management

Q. Why choose the option in administrative management?

A. This is the option for managers and those who aspire to a career in management. Being a manager is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences a person can have. Management often provides the greatest opportunity for an individual within an organization to influence the organization's goals, to direct what actually happens in the organization, and to develop and use leadership skills. The job both allows and demands that a person make decisions, communicate effectively with other people, and identify and solve problems. It stimulates a person to learn to use authority, take responsibility, and demonstrate accountability for getting results. The sense of accomplishment enjoyed by a successful manager can be richly rewarding.

Q. What jobs are available for a person with a degree in business administration with an administrative management option?

A. Business, industrial, and other types of organizations are almost always looking for people with solid management skills. It's widely recognized that effective coordination and management of effort, tasks, resources, and responsibilities is critical to the survival and growth of an organization. It is for this reason that, typically, the highest paid members of an organization are its manager. Graduates of the program are being hired by manufacturing, retail, import-export, and service organizations, and by both large and small businesses operating in the area.

Q. Is education in management important in the real world?

A. Yes. Recently our society has been characterized by the emergence of dynamic, complex organizations which must, on occassion, undergo downsizing, expansion, redirection or other major changes. Organizations need managers with the knowledge necessary to design and implement appropiate chnages, to realign the firm with its environment, e.g. competition, technology, deregulation, labor costs, and other factors. The administrative management option is designed to provide students with the awareness of these factors, the trade-off decisions, and how they affect a firm's ability to meet its various objectives.

Q. What exactly are the skills needed in administrative management?

A. A manager needs the ability to visualize and understand the organization, the factors critical for its success, and the processes which can empower people to reach their objectives. The manager must be able to organize tasks, delegate responsibilities, communicate priorities, and to lead and motivate others to work together to accomplish shared goals. The manager should be able to identify and analyze problems, take corrective action, and reward performance. In sum, a manager must work effectively with ideas and with people.

For requirements of the Administrative Management Option, please refer to the University Catalog.

Visit your advisor to obtain approval of your two electives on an Electives form, and return the form to the Undergraduate Programs office in Salazar Hall 256B.