They Made This Happen

career fair

The Management Department is designed to develop student leadership and prepare them for the real world scenarios. The wide variety of programs and the association with various companies and organizations, open the career paths for management students by offering internships which enables the students to refine their management skills and incorporate their education, experience to create a future for themselves. Graduating students with paid or unpaid internships on their résumé have a better chance at earning a full-time position upon graduation.

Aside from looking good on a resume, some advantages of Internships are:

• The opportunity to "test drive" a career (Would I be happier in marketing or advertising? Am I more comfortable working with patients or in a lab?)

• Chances to network

• Establishing relationships with mentors

• Possible college credit or certification

• An introduction to the field's culture and etiquette (Are clients addressed by their first name? Are jeans appropriate for Casual Friday?)

• Accumulating new skills

• Gaining a "real world" perspective on an occupation (How much overtime do employees really work? How much time is spent behind a desk versus in the field?)

College of Business and Economics assists students with internships in many fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Live Nation Entertainment, Dream work Studios, JPL and Boeing and provide them with a platform to begin their careers with:

Melissa Olguin, a management student, who held an internship opportunity at LIVENATION entertainment; shares her story:

Melissa“I am heading into my second quarter at the Live Nation assisting two EVP’s of clubs and Theaters with the operations of various venues across the U.S. I never thought by just submitting my resume on their career website that I would get the opportunity to work there. I think the enthusiasm and work experience is what really stood out and gave me the edge I needed. After my fall quarter I knew if the opportunity presented itself I would continue in the winter. I want to continue learn from the EVP’s continue to build relationships and network so I can score a full time job there after I graduate. I feel lucky to have found an internship where my work really matters and where my inputs and ideas contribute to the team. I am really hoping that this will be my path to my dream job work at Live Nation Entertainment”.