Rise and Shine!

Preview Day

In Cal State LA's Management Department, we inspire our young and budding generation for – to rise and shine. We encourage and welcome elementary and junior high school students to visit the campus and show them what it is like to be in Management School. Students who visit the Managing department are taught the importance of leadership and are encouraged to investigate the scope of management as choice of their future study plan. Management Chair, Dr. Angela Young, personally guides these students and answers any prospective questions they have.

Students from the schools of La County area, in March 2016 experienced a very interactive and informative session. The students were well prepared and came up with tough and interesting questions for our Chair of Management, Dr. Angela Young to answer.

The young and internet educated generation of today believes what they see so they were excited to see the culture of a real management school and with their enormous questions did establish some believes. Many of these questions included: WHY, WHEN, HOW did you make a change in student life?

Their interest in trying to understand the basics pushing of the field of management and their intelligent questions, made us excited for our future students and leaders, who will make a change.

We felt proud to be a part of the team that worked to inspire these representatives of our generation next. We look forward for inspiring and guiding the budding generation in the field of business and economics here at the school of Business and economics, at California State University Los Angeles.