Minors in Management

​The department of Management offers four minors for undergraduate students. 

Undergraduate Minor

Minor in Entrepreneurship 
Healthcare Management Minor
A minor in Healthcare Management is available for students majoring in other fields (15 units – 9 required and 6 elective). Psychology, criminology, kinesiology, nutrition, nursing, social work, business and public administration and other related majors seem as good matches for this minor.  However, whether your main interest is in a natural, social, or applied science, or in arts, humanities, or technology practice, a minor in Healthcare Management may expand your horizons for personal growth or future opportunities in the projected largest U.S. employment sector by 2024.  Healthcare services industry employs professionals with all of the above backgrounds, as it deals with people’s problems, welfare, education, rehabilitation, and wellbeing, and needs a diverse workforce to do it.  A minor in Healthcare Management may help you understand where to start exploring this vast field or how to prepare for a career in it.  Please see the short list of courses by clicking HERE.

Management Minor 
Operations and Supply Chain Management Minor

 For more information, please contact Dr. Kwong, Management Department, 323-343-2890 or kkwong2@calstatela.edu