MGMT 440 Career Resources

Looking for advice and tips on how to develop business and professional skills?  Learn from your fellow students in these student-authored papers from MGMT 440 advised by Dr. Angela Young Fall 2014.

Alcaraz, Melissa. The Path to Happiness: Assessing Yourself in Order to Choose the Right Career

Alge, Felix. Consulting – First steps to get into the business

Antanesyan, Abraham. Five Steps to Ace the Job Interview of your Dreams

Berdysheva, Alexandra. Franco, Karla. Have an Interview? Boost Your Confidence With Power Poses  

Esqueda, Jorge. Four Ways to Network Before You Graduate

Franco, Karla. Have an Interview? Boost Your Confidence With Power Poses  

Gu, Edgar. USA : as a turning point for Korean Exchange Student

Gonzalez, Marvin. Five Keys to Building a Successful Small Business

Ho, Oi Wai. Are You Happy? Personal Management Styles that Kill Stress

Kwon, Kang. Internships Are a Valuable Starting Point

Madruga, Catarina. Following Your Yellow Brick Road to Becoming a Master

Martinez, Claudia. Is Your Major the Right Major For You?

Mercado, Malyssa. Twist your resume with 5 essential skills

Middleton, Carissa. Manage Your Career and Family Life

Millan, Elizabeth. 5 Steps to Prevent an Unsuccessful Career Due to Social Anxiety

Navarro, Nancy. How Internships Open Doors to your Dream Job?

Quintos, Christa. How-To Have the Interview of Your Life: 5 Steps to Prepare

Raha, Aida. Internships: A Gateway for Your Career

Sandoval, Claudia. Five Tips That Can Help You Find Balance in the Workplace

Torres, Abraham. Benefits of Networking