Gordon Bagot

Gordon Bagot  Gordon F. Bagot, Ph.D.

  Professor of Production/Operations Management

  Phone: 323-343-5265  E-mail: gbagot2@calstatela.edu

I have been an Assistant Professor and Lecturer in the California State University system and at the University of the West Indies. I have also worked as Director of three Private PostSecondary Vocational schools; Teaching Associate at UCLA; Vice President, Strategic Planning Department, Security Pacific National Bank; Project Coordinator/Analyst at Guyana Bauxite Company; Manufacturing Engineer at National Cash Register; Consulting Advisor to the Jamaica Manufacturers Association; and Electrical Engineer at the Nevada Power Company.

In banking, I have worked extensively in the areas of Market Segmentation analyses, Branch Reconfiguration studies, and major System Analysis and Implementation projects. 

In the Private PostSecondary Vocational School industry, I have taken one such school through the National Accreditation process. Subsequently, I have obtained Federal Government approval for, and established Federal Financial Student Aid Programs at the school. I have managed the operations in three Postsecondary schools and successfully developed and implemented admissions, orientation, student support and motivational programs. As a Director in three such organizations, I have managed all resources and functional areas.

I have taught courses, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in :- Process Design & Analysis, Operations Research, Quantitative Methods in Business, Management Science, Production & Operations Management, Quality Control, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Change Management, Organization Behavior, Business Economics, Financial Management, Leadership, Small Business Management, and Macro & Micro-Economics.

I have a Ph.D. from UCLA, in Management/Production and Operations; an MBA from the University of Nevada; a BS Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

My research interests lie in the area of Process Design and Analysis, and National Economic Development.

Gordon F. Bagot, Ph.D