Certificate Program in Operations Management

This certificate in operations management is designed to prepare non-management option business students and non-business students for employment in an operations management position, and to provide working and professional people with the operations management knowledge necessary for rapid career advancement.

This certificate program is jointly sponsored by Continuing Education and the Department of Management.  Non-matriculated Students (those who are not formally admitted to the University) are eligible to enroll in the program through Open University enrollment with the consent of the instructor.

Six courses (24 units) are required.  Four are required courses and two are electives.  Upon completion of all course requirements, the participant will be awarded a Certificate in Operations Management, authorized by the Management Department and Continuing Education.

Required Courses (16 units)

                        MGMT  306    Production and Operations Management

                        MGMT  460    Case Studies in Operations Management

                        MGMT  464    Production and Inventory Management

                        MGMT  467    Quality Control

Elective Courses (select two courses from group 1 or one course from group 1 and one from group 2)

Group 1

                        MGMT  463    Process Design and Improvement

                        MGMT  468    Small Business Management

                        MGMT  485    Project Management

                        MGMT  488    Managing Service Delivery in a Multicultural Marketplace

                        MGMT  490    Service Management

                        MGMT  496    Operations Research

                        Group 2

                        MGMT  307    Management and Organizational Behavior

                        MGMT  454    Special Topics in Management

                        MGMT  461    Management Theory and Practice

                        MGMT  462    Comparative Management

                        MGMT  470    Managerial Leadership and Motivation

                        MGMT  473    Strategic Human Resources Management

Class Number Subject Prerequisite Qtr Offered

MGMT  460

Case Studies in Operations Management

MGMT 306

F, W, S

MGMT  472

Supply Chain Management

MGMT 306


MGMT  489

High Performance Management

MGMT 307


MGMT  463

Process Design and Improvement

MGMT 306 or Instructor’s consent


MGMT  464

Production and Inventory Management

MGMT 306


MGMT  466

Managerial Innovation

MGMT 307


MGMT  467

Quality Control

ECON 309


MGMT  468

Small Business Management

Most of Bus. Core


MGMT  473

Strategic Human Resource Management

MGMT 307


MGMT  485

Project Management

None F

MGMT  490

Service Management

MGMT 306 & 307


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