Bachelor's degree in Business administration with option in Entrepreneurship

Q.  What is Entrepreneurship?

A.  Entrepreneurship is the transformation of ideas to reality and typically involves new venture development and business ownership. Innovative and transformational ideas are usually introduced to society through the work of entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs start or operate businesses of all sizes and within all industries, typically collaborate or combine efforts with people with divergent skills and expertise, and work toward developing new business ideas, technologies, and processes.

Q.  Who should consider a career in Entrepreneurship?

A.  People who enjoy creating something useful and unique, working hard to overcome obstacles and working in collaboration with others and alone should consider entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurs are often business owners and are willing to take calculated risks and assume a great deal of responsibility to create something new.  Entrepreneurially talent is useful for new venture creators and business owners but characteristics indicative of entrepreneurs are useful in many organizational settings. 

Q.  What kinds of jobs are out there for Entrepreneurship majors?

A.  Business creation and ownership are typically the goals of entrepreneurship majors and this is typically the focus of an entrepreneurship student’s program of study.  However, entrepreneurship majors work in all aspects of business from management, project management, new business planning and development, customer service, marketing, and operations management. 

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with the Option in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Option consists of seven courses (28 units) that are designed to prepare students for business development.

Required Courses (16 Units):                                

Class Number Subject Prerequisite Qtr Offered
MGMT 480

New Venture Management

  F, W, S
MGMT 482

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  W, S
MKT 352 OR MGMT 489

High Performance Professional Skills OR    

MKT 304 OR F, W, S
MGMT 489

High Performance Management

MGMT 307

F, W, S

MKT 443 Marketing in a new Business MKT 304 Varies

Electives (12 units):

  • BIOL 420 - Global Change (4)
  • CIS 361 - Web Design and Development (4)
  • CIS 383 - Multimedia and Game Application Programming (4)
  • CIS 488 - Information Security (4)
  • COMM 389 - Intercultural Communication in the Urban Environment (4)
  • COMM 396 - Publicity and Promotions (4)
  • ECON 458 - Economics of E-Commerce and the Internet (4)
  • ECON 459 - Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (4)
  • ECON 461 - Economics of International Trade (4)
  • MGMT 491 - Launching New Ventures (4)
  • MGMT 492 - Special Topics and Cases in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (4)
  • MGMT 493 - Social Entrepreneurship (4)
  • MKT 342 - Consumer Behavior (4)
  • MKT 446 - Marketing Research (4)
  • MKT 447 - Business Consulting (4)
  • PSY 415 - Interpersonal Relationships (4)
  • PSY 465 - Multicultural Psychology: Current Issues and Research (4)
  • SOC 420 - Small Groups (4)
  • SOC 422 - Social Psychology (4)
  • SOC 430 - Urban Sociology (4)
  • TVF 360 Broadcasting and Film as Shapers of the Public Mind (4)
  • TVF 480 - New Media Technologies (4)
  • TECH 360 - Modern Manufacturing (3)

Entrepreneurship students are encouraged to select a variety of electives at the 300- and 400-level to strengthen their ability to create and operate a successful business venture. 

Please see Management Department Advisor for selection of electives (8 units)

Advising Tips:
This option is a part of the Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration(BSBA).  You do not need to complete all BSBA lower and upper division before taking option class.  It is strongly advised to begin your option classes as you meet each class pre-requisite.  Note also that ALL lower and upper division BSBA classes must be taken before enrolling in MGMT 497: Capstone.
 To review all classes needed for your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, please go to: (link to e-catalog here)