Need to speak to someone about picking a class, major, or career path in business?  Need help with documentation or other college forms?  The CBE offers advisement resources tailored to your need.

CBE Student Services Center

Students should make an appointment with a Student Services Center advisor when they wish to discuss the following;
  • Choosing/declaring a major, option or concentration
  • Switching options within a major
  • Course selection and planning
  • Graduation applications
  • Disqualification or other academic difficulties

The CBE Student Services Center offers academic advisement and placement services for undergraduate CBE students.  The staff can help with forms, course selection, and understanding university or course requirements as well as help with obtaining internships and career positions.  Students must make an appointment to see an advisor.

Graduate Student Advisement
Graduate students are advised by the department faculty listed under Faculty Advisement.

Roadmaps to Graduation (Semester)

Roadmaps to Graduation (Quarter)

Faculty Advisement

Faculty Advisors consult with students who are interested in
  • Option or program information and requirements
  • Course content and academic planning
  • Post-graduate studies
The following faculty are available during office hours to help you.

Master of Business Administration
Dr. Steve Mcguire 

Healthcare Management
Andre Avramchuk