Lecturer information sheet

Welcome to teach at College of Business and Economics (CBE)! Below you will find the information about the CBE Snapshot, CBE Distinctions, Major Offices, Staff Support Center, Reminder in Classroom Operation, and Others helpful information. 

CBE Snapshot

  • Six departments: Accounting, Information Systems, Economics and Statistics, Finance and Law, Management, and Marketing
  • Three undergraduate programs: BS Business Administration, BS Information Systems, and BA Economics
  • Five Graduate Programs: MBA/MSBA, MS Accountancy, MS Healthcare Management, MS Information Systems, and MA Economics
  • Close to 4,600 majors with over 400 graduate students
  • Fall 2014: 45.53% Latino, 24.27% Asian, 9.4% White, 3.7% African American; 11.48% International; 52.67% Male, 47.33% Female
  • 68 full time faculty members

CBE Distinctions

  • AACSB accredited since 1960 (Only 5% of business schools worldwide have achieved AACSB accreditation)
  • U.S. News & World Report:  Top Undergraduate Business Programs
  • Princeton Review: Best 296 Business Schools
  • Ranked 19th in Total Minority in Business in the Diverse 100 List (Institutions that confer the most degrees to students of color)
  • Ranked 21st for Asian Americans Graduating with an MS in Accountancy degree in the Diverse 100 List
  • LA Business Journal: Top MBA Programs 
  • MA Economics Ranked 124th by The Financial Engineer

CBE Major Offices

  • Dean’s Office, Simpson Tower, ST F124, Dean, Associate Dean, Fiscal Officer and 4 staff members
  • Staff Support Center, Simpson Tower, ST F517, 6 staff members
  • Student Services Center, Salazar Hall C256, 6 advisors, 1 graduate admission counselor)
  • 2 ITCs, Simpson Tower, ST F316

Staff Support Center (ST F517)

CBESTAFF517@CALSTATELA.EDU | (323) 343-5256

  • Pat Tom
  • Maria Ubago
  • Juanita Olivas
  • Lyssa De Pompa
  • Irma Gutierrez
  • Liliana Lopez

Reminder in Classroom Operation

  • Get the OneCard from Golden Eagle 220 to access ST F917, F717, copier room, locker room, and classrooms if needed.
  • Activate GET and use Cal State LA Email
  • Syllabus with Individualized Advisement Plan (IAP) Reminder – Q2S
  • Syllabus with a clear grading policy – curve or straight scale
  • Class duration:
    • Twice a week class: 100 minutes per class meeting
    • Once a week class: 230 minutes per class meeting with a mandatory half an hour break
  • Office hours – 20 minutes per unit (80 minutes per 4-unit class)
  • Issuing “permits” – no policy limitation; send permits sheet to ST   F517
  • Instructor-initiated drop – students who don’t show up in the first meeting may be dropped (wait until the second meeting)
  • No record drop and add deadline – first two weeks
  • Students not on your roster – Keep checking with them at the beginning of quarter, or they shouldn’t stay
  • On time in/on time out; report your absence
  • Incomplete (IN) – one year to complete
  • Unauthorized Withdrawal (WU) – if the student simply disappears; equivalent to an “F” in GPA computation
  • Final exam – Fixed schedule; Dean’s approval is needed for changing time
  • Grading standard – Is there one? Maintain your “academic standard” – that is the key!
  • Grade submission deadline – 8:00 am Wednesday after final exam week
  • If you missed the deadline: RD (Record Delay); numerous grade change forms for you to process – Definitely try to avoid!


  • Office Space: Chair Assignment or Dean’s Office Assignment (ST F917 and F717, One Card Entry) – Need your office hours!
  • Please do not use ST F517 (Staff Support Center) as your office.
  • Mailboxes (ST F728, 928) and Lockers (F523,   F723, F923)
  • Copiers (ST F524, F724, F924)
    • No code required for copiers in F524, F724
    • Help is also available in ST F517, the Staff   Support Center
    • Allow sufficient lead time for assistance!
  • ST F917, F717, locker rooms, copier rooms are all One Card access