Roadmaps to Graduation (Quarter)

The "Graduation Roadmaps" are suggested course plans by major and option to facilitate timely graduation of students. These roadmaps are easy-to-follow guides with built-in sequences of course work needed for the degree. You should select the plan that best suits you. The attached "Course Schedules" cover attempted course offerings by the Department for the next two years, quarter by quarter. You may find from these schedules the information for the day and time of the courses you intend to take based on the roadmap you select.

The "Graduation Roadmaps" are not meant to cover every possibility. You are strongly encouraged to fine-tune your selected plan with your academic advisor. Likewise, the "Course Schedules" listed here are projected course offerings and are subject to changes in faculty availability and student demand.

Contact the Department of Information Systems Simpson Tower Tel. (323) 343-5256 or the CBE Student Services Center (Salazar Hall C256B or for additional information.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Transfer Students


2 Year Plan (Systems Option)

4 Year Plan (Systems Option)

2 Year Plan (Technology Option)

4 Year Plan (Technology Option)

4 Year Plan (Systems Option)

6 Year Plan (Systems Option)

  4 Year Plan (Technology Option)

6 Year Plan (Technology Option)