Manasi Joshi

Manasi JoshiI have dreamed of earning my Masters degree in the US for long time and it finally happened in the year 2014 when I got my admit card from California State University Los Angeles. I was admitted to the Management Information Systems Department. My journey for Los Angeles began on September 5th 2014.

It was September 8th when I first visited the campus. It felt very huge and looked beautiful. The whole day went in filling up various forms and finishing the documentation part. We were provided with the CIN and ID Card. Later part of the day went exploring the campus. Then came our Orientation day, where we as International Students, were informed about the rules and regulations here in United States. We were made aware of the study culture here which was very amusing. For instance, in India we address our professors as Sir/Ma’am, which is not the case here. In United States, teachers are addressed as ‘professors’. It is also offensive if a person with PHD degree is addressed as a ‘professor’, the right salutation is Doctor. We were introduced to the Unit system which was a complete new concept for us. It was very interesting and exciting to learn a new study culture. Eventually our lectures started. I, as an international student, was taken aback with the dedication of the professors. On Day 1 itself, we received the complete study guide and coursework as to what will be taught over the period of 10 weeks course. The professors were very proactive and their way of teaching was just perfect to prepare us for the real life work challenges. I loved the way lectures were being conducted here. Our classes were equally divided into 2 parts, first being a lecture followed by practical. Also my Coursework being from a Business and Economics Department, we had a lot of presentations. Our professors were dedicated to prepare us for a professional level. In India, we had Semester system, but here at Cal State LA, it was my first experience with Quarter System. Within no time I had my midterm followed by my Finals and there I was done with my first quarter already.

I would say the best part happened to me when I was in my second quarter, wherein I got an opportunity to work as a Graduate Assistant for Management Department. This was my first ever on-campus job. In India, we as students are not allowed to work on campus, so this concept was something very new to me as an international student. My supervisor, Dr. Angela Young (Chair of Management Department), is the most wonderful and the most inspiring individual to work with. I cannot thank her enough for giving me an opportunity to work under her supervision. I learned a lot of new things and was constantly encouraged to have new ideas and experiment with it.  It was very challenging to work on campus during day time and attend lectures at evenings. But it was worth of an experience.

This routine went on and soon enough I was in my last quarter. Finally I successfully graduated with my Master’s Degree in FALL 2015. My experience here in Cal State LA was extremely worthwhile. I gained a lot of knowledge about Management through my professors and everybody here was welcoming. In a nutshell, I am very happy that I chose California State University Los Angeles to achieve my Masters.