Roadmaps to Graduation

The Graduation Roadmaps are suggested course plans by major and option to facilitate timely graduation of students. These roadmaps are easy-to-follow guides with built-in sequences of course work needed for the degree. You should select the plan that best fits you. Please also consult the Tentative Yearly Schedule for Upper Division Courses in putting together your economics course plan.

Below are roadmaps for semesters and quarters. The roadmaps are not meant to cover every possibility. You are strongly encouraged to fine-tune your selected plan with your academic advisor. Contact the Economics Department or the CBE Advisement Center for additional information.

Semester Roadmaps:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA):

Four year plan BSBA option in Business Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BAECON):

Four year plan BA in Applied Economics

Four year plan BA in Social and Behavioral Sciences