MA Ecomomics

The Master’s degree consists of three options: Financial Economics, Global Economics and Public Policy Economics.

The Financial Economics option conveys skills in financial and economic analyses desired by consulting and securities firms, and related institutions such as investment banks, mutual funds, and insurance companies.

The Global Economics option conveys analytical skills as well as institutional knowledge of the global economy.  The option prepares students for employment by consulting companies, government agencies, multinational business corporations, and international organizations.

The Public Policy option conveys skills in evaluating costs and benefits of government policies.  The option also transmits institutional knowledge of various government programs.  The option prepares students for a career in local, state, or federal government agencies, public interest groups, advocacy organizations, consulting agencies, research institutes, and nonprofit or for-profit corporations operating in such areas as urban development and health care.

Admission to the Program

Requirements for the Degree

Semester Requirements

Quarter Requirements (Previously Enrolled Students Only)